First Visit 

Good oral health starts with your child’s first visit to Southern Heights Dental Group. We recommend bringing your child in when they get their first tooth or their first birthday. The first visit is important to set the stage for proper oral health care and maintenance. Typically, the first visit includes an exam of your child’s teeth and gums, a cleaning and an application of fluoride varnish. X-rays may be taken if the provider feels they’re necessary. Most importantly, we will review with you and your child how to properly clean and care for their teeth.


Pediatric-focused Care

At Southern Heights Dental Group we have a team of providers who focus on delivering the highest quality dental care to children. In 2013 Southern Heights Dental Group began using dental therapists who have developed a pediatric based practice. They, along with our dentists, understand the unique dental needs of children. They have the experience to guide your child through their first appointment and each following appointment.


Range of Pediatric Services

If your child is in need of extra dental work, know they’re in good hands with our providers. We offer a range of dental services for children, from fillings to extractions. With the use of child friendly techniques and nitrous oxide (if applicable) we strive for a comfortable, safe, and fun visit for your child!