Dental Therapists

Our team includes eight doctors, each having specialized areas of interest and expertise, including oral surgery, sleep dentistry, pediatric dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. 


In 2013, Southern Heights Dental was the first practice to start using dental therapists, or mid-level providers, offering even greater access to quality oral health care to more people. 




Our team of dental hygienists are your partner in establishing and maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile. Dental hygienists perform many important tasks, including basic teeth cleaning, performing x-rays, applying sealants, fluorides, or other substances for preventing tooth decay and educating patients on the importance of proper oral care.




Dental Assistants

The team of dental assistants at Southern Heights Dental Group play an important role in helping your appointment go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our team of dental assistants assist our doctors during your treatment or exam, ensuring you get the highest quality and most comprehensive oral health care, and that you leave your appointment smiling.



Language Services Team

At Southern Heights Dental Group we offer access to a wide network of certified interpreters along with our in house Latino interpreters. If you would like to speak with one of our interpreters, please contact us.